We currently live in a world of technology and inventions, and there are many tools which essentially facilitate our life. Mobile phones play an important role in the development of human civilisation, but their excessive use brings severe problems. To reduce their harmful effects, one should always remember that a mobile phone should be considered  as a friend, not a controlling aspect of our lives.

The introduction of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram has single handedly changed society and altered the way we view ourselves and other people. This has led many people to worry more about portraying the perfect life online, rather than experiencing it.

The widespread use of phones and social media has made it easier than ever to connect with friends, family and the people around us. However, with this rise comes an increase in social introverts who have become unable to communicate normally outside their virtual safety net. Leading us to question, are we really connecting with our friends, family and those around us?

Research has found that phone usage dependence can impact on both our physical and mental health attributes. Leading to anxiety, stress, narcissism, depression, loneliness and sleep deprivation.

When you make the decision to join us on our journey, you are making the decision to Leav your phone and social media behind, and with that, all of the negative effects they have on our lives. Experience life the way you want, with the people you want, not the way social media expects you to!

The accessibility of mobile technology and social media hasn’t been without consequences. A 2018 study found that teens who spend 5 hours per day using their phones were almost twice as likely to exhibit depressive symptoms than counterparts who dedicated only 1 hour on their phones.

— Increases in Depressive Symptoms, Suicide-Related Outcomes, and Suicide Rates Among U.S. Adolescents After 2010 and Links to Increased New Media Screen Time

How to know you are addicted to your phone?

1. You have your phone with you 24/7.
If you keep your phone on you all day, chances are you are addicted to your phone. You will be on your phone, texting, being on call or using some or multiple apps at any one time.

2. Your phone battery does not last a day.
You will find yourself addicted to your phone if you are charging it multiple times a day. While you may think your phone battery is the problem, when used continuously phone batteries tend to drain extremely fast.

3. When your phone starts running out of battery, you start running for your charger.
Do you find yourself running for your charger as soon the battery gets low? People who are addicted to their phones tend to drain the battery and then reach for the charger as soon as it is about to go dead.

4. You take your phone out of your pocket and forget the reason why!

5. You worry about losing your phone.

6. You take your phone to the bathroom.

7. You spend time on your phone in social settings.

8. Your phone is a comfort mechanism in uncomfortable social scenarios

9. You find yourself looking at your phone for no reason.

10. Its the first thing you look at when you wake up and the last thing you look at before going to sleep.

11. You obsessively check for emails, texts, and missed calls and notifications.

12. You feel your phone vibrate even when it has not.

13. You carry it in your hand instead of your pocket or bag.

14. You are on your phone while watching tv or eating food.

15. You procrastinate with your phone.

We started the Leav Movement to help and support people who are suffering with mental health illnesses. This is a shared mission of Pieta House and we are delighted to be working with them to reach our goals.

Pieta House

Pieta House was established in 2006 in Dublin, Ireland. Since then they have seen and helped over 40,000 people in suicidal distress or engaging in self-harm, and have established fifteen centres across Ireland. From humble beginnings, Pieta House has grown from strength to strength to be an esteemed figure in helping those in need. They offer a professional one-to-one therapeutic service completely free of charge to people experiencing suicidal ideation, people who have attempted suicide and people who are engaging in self-harm.

Here at Leav we wanted to help Pieta House in any way that we can and work together to reach our shared goals. This is why when you purchase a Leav Phone 10% of the sale goes directly to Pieta House.

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